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luminosity 0.0

August 14, 2009

trivia question: what is the difference between a luminous and a luminant object? give up? know the answer? a combination of the two? tired of me asking questions to which i know i will never hear the answer? here it is: a luminous object emits light of its own volition, while aluminant object merely reflects the light shone on it from a luminous object. most of us remember from high school physics that the surface of an object is actually every color but the one that we actually see. when the full spectrum hits an object, most of the light is absorbed by the surface, while some colors are reflected back towards the eye. in some cases, though, the light reflected is nearly identical to the light that hits a surface, while very little of the light is actually absorbed.

why am i saying these things? (see, there i go again!) its because this tends to be how we respond to the Light of Christ. if His Light is shining on us, then our following action should be to reflect this Light on others. this doesn’t just happen in the ministry sense, but in the sense that our lives should be reflective of His Life; including our actions, feelings, and attitudes. if our goal is to be Christ- like, then the presence of His Spirit in our lives should be an imitation of Him. the Gospel is not just this cool story that we tell people, it is the format for how we live and share God’s Love.

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