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luminosity 0.2: grace like rain

August 29, 2009

out of all the gifts we have received from Christ, one of the most important has to be grace. it is grace that has saved us; grace that has reconnected us with god; grace that has truly shown us God’s Love. God’s grace is truly amazing; simply in the sense that it is true Grace. such it is because it is a perfect gift, given freely, that we don’t come close to deserving. our Salvation, relationship with God and just our newfound identity in Christ are each perfect, complete gifts which we should in fact be denied. life isn’t fair; if it was we’d all be going to Hell. still, though, grace is something that we rarely understand, mostly due to the word’s ambiguity. most of the use of ‘grace’ usually involves some degree of maneuverability, skill or poise. part of living out truth is being clear and free from ambiguity in our words and thoughts (just ask Jason). back to the point– are we living out grace? do our lives reflect the grace we have been given through the grace we give to others? it’s strange/scary how sometimes even the smallest things that people do irritate us the most. it especially convicted me when i actually thought about how ihave to point it out whenever someone uses some grammar misusage that i consider a “pet peeve” (i don’t even know if i spelled that correctly). any mention of “that that” or “farther/further” or “these ones” just sets off a switch or something or other, when i really shouldn’t say a thing(i’m rambling on because i’m just now thinking of this). here’s my challenge: let’s not immediately point out when someone says something that bugs us, let’s give that annoying person we go to school or work with the time of day, let’s try to understand what makes a difficult person that way for once, lets not constantly judge in our head that person who’s angry all the time, let’s do whatever it takes to show somebody that we are not just like anybody else they have met. even the simplest things that others may not deserve from us might be the most important things we need to give away sometimes. when we give others grace, that is when it is the most evident it has been given to ourselves.

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