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luminosity 0.3: love overflowing

September 23, 2009

there are no two ways about it; Jesus is LOVE. that was His message from the start, and the central aspect of our walk with Him. i really don’t think i could put this any better than any of us have heard it a hundred times. but, if we look close enough, we can see that we don’t always love the way Jesus told us to. how many of us show the Love of Christ to everyone? how often, when we are wronged, feel nothing but that same Love for them? it ain’t easy; and its not supposed to be. to love “your neighbor” as yourself, takes not only our submission, but the influence of the Spirit. most of the time, though, we’re just doing exactly as Jesus said in Luke: loving those who love us, what the ‘taxpayers’ and ‘sinners’ did. also as Jesus said, that is no credit to us. sometimes, its even more covert than simply loving those to love us. if we’re expecting something in return for our ‘love’, then it’s the same situation. simply put, any love that expects anything in return is no Love at all. that is exactly what the world’s view of love is, and it leads to a very half-hearted give-and-take attitude when it comes to love. because we know and have seen Love as Christ intends, we should be showing that Love to everyone we meet.

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