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(prelude to a two parter…)

September 30, 2009


As i walked out of my dorm this morning, feeling the pleasant cold of the building escape behind me and meeting with a wall of suffocating heat, i thought, this is not the way mornings were meant to be. So i journeyed through the chilling rain and rushing wind  toward Neo-Hippie Smoking House, or, as its better known, Cups Espresso Cafe. When i reached the path of Main Street, i could see the way before me as a hallway made of dry trees and brick buildings, and thought of it as a metaphor for life, as in we all have a path set before us or something. I open the door to Jazzman’s and am greeted by my favorite barista LaQuanda, who almost hollers, “hey baby, how you doin?” I respond, “no, i wasn’t, was it good?” Then, he gives me this look that totally says, I thought the book was something else because i am really into Harry Potter. Once I order my iced latte, i am confronted with the always-popular question, “do you want whipped cream?” And as i always answer, “whole milk, please.” Once i get my macchiato, i notice they ignored my request for no whipped cream, but in an effort to be polite, i simply stay inside. The pesky little bell flutters its wings of tin as i exit, and i am pleased to see that the neo-hippies are no where to be seen. I sip my coffee as i sit down, and the chill down my throat creates a pleasant contrast to the almost shivering wind. I crack open Blue Like Jazz, continue reading about “The Demons and the Philosophers,” and flip to I Kings to try to see what the connection is. I try to remain discreet as i do, though, as it might be awkward to try to explain to her exactly why i am drawing her contour (not sure if she’ll buy “it’s for a class”). He is clearly staring at me, though, and i can’t imagine why. I then realize its a Tuesday, and i’m supposed to be at chapel. Oh well, i think, it’s already paid for. I look up, and see the sun is trying to break through the clouds. I think you can, i think you can, i repeat. Finally, the ice relinquishes and cascades into my mouth.

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