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true living (a two-parter)(part 1: keep it true)

October 2, 2009


there is a need in this world to be true and to stick to what is true. as Christians, we are the ones entrusted with the Truth of God and His Word, and along with that, the responsibility that comes with it. Paul tells Timothy in his second letter that he should be a workman “who correctly handles the word of Truth” and we need to be the same. in my “prelude,” i can bet that most people had no idea what i was saying or why. everything that i said in that story was real and they all actually happened, but the story wasn’t true in the whole sense (obviously, i hope). we tend to do the same thing, though, without even noticing it. we take facts, or the “real things” and make up a truth as we see it.

there is a saying that “a flawed perspective leads to a flawed outcome,” and truer words have seldom been spoken. if what we start with, be it instructions, directions, whatever is incorrect, what will occur will be wrong as well. it is the same thing when it comes to our Christian life. if we begin at what we only think is true, and not what is God’s Truth, then that leads to a life that is not God’s.

i don’t think fondly of cliches. in fact, i quite abhor them. i particularly don’t like phrases like “keep it real,” “down to Earth,” “be realistic,” etc. i don’t like them because i believe each of them leads to a flawed perspective, and i think we all remember what that leads to. all these sayings seem to detract from the actual pursuit of truth.

“keep it real,” for example, is pretty much saying, stick to what you believe, and don’t hold back. there’s this sense of apathy for truth in this statement that tells people, you  don’t  have  to  change,  stay  headstrong. there is something seriously wrong in a “truth” we formulate on our own. if we are just looking to what we believe or what our perspective is, how can that possibly be true? how can what one person creates from their own tiny view be the truth?

there is a very un-special place in my heart for “down to Earth.” this saying tells me, hey, you get it; things are things and people are people and why should it be that you and i should get along so awfully? (maybe that last part was Depeche Mode) “down to Earth” just means that you know facts and that’s all you need to know; truth is for the philosophers to worry about. this speaks against everything a Christian stands for. i tend to think that if anything, Christians should have their “heads in the clouds,” as it were, since we are following a God that is above anything on this planet. if there is just Earth, then what are we doing here? if facts are all there is to know, then what is the point?

let me just lay this down: there is no room in the service of God to be “realistic.” realism and rationality do not factor into what we do or not do, because we are not focused on the possibilities based on the laws of this world, but the laws of God. if we have hope in a Living God who is all-knowing and all-powerful, why should any of the laws of this Earth give us pause?

in God, there is Truth; a truth unbound by realism or reality or any other word starting with “real.” if we have His Truth, that is exactly what we have, and nothing less.

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