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Miscellanies: Other Thoughts Worth Reading (10/4)

October 4, 2009


Jonathon Edwards, the brilliant theologian and pastor, used to catalog his random and uncompleted thoughts in notebooks he titled “Miscellanies.”  On Theological Synergy we hope to do that same thing.  Each of us reads other blogs, news sources, and other content on the internet throughout the week.  Each Sunday, we hope to bring you a few highlights of what we have seen over the past week.

How John Piper Prepares to Pray in Public

As part of a Q & A, Piper speaks about how his public prayers are formed.  Many of us would do well to put this kind of thought into seemingly impromptu prayer.

How much did Chicago’s Unseccessful Bid Cost?

The city of Chicago spent $100 million just to bid on hosting the Summer Olympics in 2016.

“Why Islam?” Billboards

Local Islamic communities have undertaken a bold campaign to spread copies of the Koran and information about their religion.  This should be very concerning to churches and Christian leaders.

Deep Church: A Third Way

Kevin Deyoung reviews a new book by Jim Belcher called Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emergent and Traditional.  His critique is very thorough, helpful, and fair.  He finds aspects of Belcher’s thought to both affirm and challenge.

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