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the ultimate artist

October 7, 2009


have you ever gotten lost in God’s creation? i’m not talking about losing your way in the woods, or even “losing yourself” in wonder. i’m talking about getting lost or even mystified in the thought that there is a God so much more glorious than this; that there is an all-powerful God that not only spoke these things into existence, but is the driving life-force that keeps them all moving and thriving. i find that astounding. so many times i have caught myself watching a sunset or viewing a beautiful landscape and thinking, man, wouldn’t that make a great painting, then it occurs to me that it is a painting in a way. every glorious sunset, every sweeping landscape, every lovely sight is a carefully structured creation manufactured by God.

in Art and the Bible, Francis Schaeffer argues, against claims that any form of art is sinful, that God is one who not only allows artistic expression, but encourages it. i can see no other reason that God would create a world which exudes such beauty as ours. in a world where there are thousands of rolling hills, jagged mountains, and sweeping beaches, i cannot believe there is a Creator who does not support expression. in a world with millions of insects, beasts, and creatures, i cannot bring myself to think that the Originator of them would suppress creativity.

nature surely does sing God’s praises, and it is a pure, sweet song. this earth, the sun, and the universe all exude a glory that is given to them by the One True God. this creation is certainly a good and perfect gift, and reverence to it is reverence to the Artist who put it all together.

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