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luminosity 0.4: hope floats

October 16, 2009


out of all the qualities that separate Christians from non-Christians, one of the most significant has to be hope. for so many people, the concept of hope is so foreign and abstract that they do not begin to comprehend its significance and even go as far to say “I have lost all hope.” what a sad thing to say; that one has no hope at all. no hope for prosperity, for improvement, for life itself. i am personally very grateful for the fact that i have never felt a complete loss of hope.

like most aspects of the Christian faith, there is a very different understanding of hope between the world and the Bible. in the context of the world, “hope” seems to be very close to “wish,” or “dream.” when people say that they hope for a change, or whatever their hope may be, it is much more like a quarter in the fountain than an actual faith in what is to come. this concept is ever-so-evident in the famous “hope: Obama” image that was paired with the slogan “YES WE CAN” rather than “YES WE WILL.” it is a cry of ‘ability to’ rather than ‘surely will.’

our hope in Christ is not so flimsy. the hope we have in Christ is the hope that says, “YES HE WILL.” our hope is an expectancy of not only what is to come, but what is presently happening in our lives. our hope is not wary or uncertain, it is confident. we have hope in the Living God who has saved us, is saving us, and will save us.

hope is the ultimate “gift that keeps on giving.” for once we receive this gift of hope (quite often from one who has already received it) that saves us and preserves us, it affects everything we do. we live a life that reflects we have hope in Christ’s salvation. we live in a hope that what we are doing here on earth is storing up treasures in Heaven. we have a hope in the glory that will be revealed in us. God is hope and hope is the gift that we give to those that are affected by our ministry.

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