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Quotations: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

October 19, 2009

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“Our chapels and churches are crowded with people nearly all of whom take the Lord’s Supper without a moment’s hesitation, and yet, without judging harshly or unjustly, do you imagine for a moment that all those people believe that Christ died for them?  Well then, you ask, why are they church members, why do they pretend to believe?  The answer is, that they are afraid to be honest with themselves, afraid of what their parents and friends would say of them if they got up and said that they couldn’t honestly say that Christ meant anything to them.  I do not know what your experience is, my friends, but as for myself, I shall feel much more ashamed to all eternity for the occasions on which I said that I believed in Christ when in fact I did not, than for the occasions when I said honestly that I could not truthfully say that I did believe.  If the church of Christ on earth could but get rid of the parasites who only believe that they ought to believe in Christ, she would, I am certain, count once more in the world as she did in her early days, and as she has always done during times of spiritual awakening.  I ask you therefore tonight, and shall go on asking you and myself, the same question.  Do you know what you know about the gospel?  Do you question yourself about your belief and make sure of yourself?”

– Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in a sermon given on February 6, 1927

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