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Miscellanies: Other Thoughts Worth Reading (10/25)

October 25, 2009


Francis Chan is the Real Deal

Francis Chan is a gifted speaker, preacher, pastor, leader, visionary, husband, and father.  That list does not even contain his most admirable quality.  He takes the Bible more seriously than almost anyone else we have ever met.  For instance, he gives away approximately 90% of his income.

Balloon Boy was a Hoax

The boy who was reported to be inside an experimental weather device that floated around Colorado for two or three hours a few weeks ago was a piece of a hoax his parents had been planning for weeks or even months to make themselves more marketable to reality TV shows.

Kevin DeYoung’s Series on Reaching a Younger Generation

Kevin DeYoung, who pastors University Reformed Church across the street from Michigan State University has been writing an insightful and pointed series about reaching twentysomethings and younger with the Gospel.  So far the series has run from October 19th-23rd.

Together for the Gospel Early-bird Registration

T4G’s Early Registration deadline is October 31st.  If you register before then, you will receive $50 off the overall price.  Students, T4G offers you a great deal.  $150 off, leaving the cost at just $99.  I’m told you’ll receive almost twice that much in free books.

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