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B@E2d: the second one

October 30, 2009


everybody (almost) likes comfort. you won’t find many people that simply decide to be miserable simply for miserable’s sake. in a sense, comfort is what everyone is looking for. why do you go to school? to get a job. why do you want a job? to make money. why do you want money? to live comfortably. billions of dollars are spent every year on hot tubs, couches, beds, houses, etc, etc all for the sake of comfort.

comfort is especially vital when one is under duress of some sort. it’s almost the natural way of things that when someone’s emotions sink, something needs to happen to pull them back to where they were before. people have an idea of where they want to be emotionally and try to live consistently in that area. when something upsets that balance, people will do nearly anything to bring themselves back to their emotional comfort zone.

the sad thing is most people never find the one way to truly comfort themselves. we often turn to food, music, and other indulgences to cure our pain rather than turning to the One True Physician. we may feel sometimes that our own methods of comfort work, but these feelings are sadly temporary. no matter the superficial value of our earthly possessions, they are no match for the true and perfect comfort that comes from faith in God. if the power and love of God is perfect, how would we expect the comfort of His Presence to be any different?

there is a key aspect to this verse, the phrase those who mourn. sure, we need comfort in times of trouble, but Jesus explains that comes to those who are openly expressing their sorrow inside. in a sense, only those who are willing to be given comfort will receive it. Jesus is warning those that may have hardened their hearts in times of trouble that they will not receive the Lord’s comfort. our wounds will not be mended if we do not bleed. in the same way, our spirits will not be lifted if we do not mourn as Jesus says.

this call to mourn parallels one of the hardest aspects of the Christian life: to be transparent. Jesus says that men love the darkness (John 3:19), but we are called to be children of light (Ephesians 5:8). in living a pure and righteous life, we are to be honest with ourselves, God, and others, and this is only accomplished by bringing all we are in the light. by living true and broken, only then are we completely healed.

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