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Miscellanies: Other Thoughts Worth Reading (11/8)

November 8, 2009


Tim Challies New Blog Endeavor.

My wife thinks I’m a little bit crazy, I’m sure of it. During eleven years of marriage I’ve done a lot of things that have led her to roll her eyes and sigh. I guess she is getting used to it, though, because even she is interested in what I am planning to do in 2010…



Stanely Fish (Academics Under Siege).

The responses to last week’s column sent a clear message, and that message is bad news for the academy. The perspectives represented were various, but they converged on a single judgment: the academic world is marked by venality, pretension, irresponsibility and risible claims.



John Piper’s Nine Ways…

1. Jesus Christ, as he is presented to us in the New Testament, and as he stands forth from all its writings, is too single and too great to have been invented so uniformly by all these writers.



We have our own news now!


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