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B@E2d: the fourth one

November 20, 2009

i think we often get a wrong idea of righteousness. we often equate it with the proverbial dog chasing its tail; something we are always chasing after but never truly receive. i have to admit i was about to open this post with a similar sentiment but was corrected by the truth of the above statement. we are so often satisfied with the constant “close but no cigar” mentality but miss the point with our false mentality.

i believe we sometimes think a little to hard about our sinfulness. there are many reminders in God’s Word that man is fallen and sinful by nature; we don’t need to be told that again. but dependence on ourselves is what got us in this mess in the first place. what we need to remember is that through His propitiatory death, Christ’s righteousness is now on us. we can discard that old life for a new life in Him.

righteousness is not out of reach; we just need the right glove (unless you are left-handed, *bud-dum-chisssh*!). what i mean to say is that if we keep this idea of an unattainable righteousness due to our own sinfulness, we’ll be self-fulfilling prophets in our failure. but, if we reach for and pursue righteousness with the assurance of Christ’s Grace, then the unreachable becomes reachable and that righteousness is attained. in the wisdom of many-a-nike t-shirt, “the man who says he can and the man who says he can’t are both right.”

before we get too excited, though, let me just say that simply saying this righteousness can’t be attained simply by saying so. just as we see in the B@E2d, righteousness requires a hunger and thirst. i never really understood the strength of these words until i really thought about them. see, when we’re hungry or thirsty, and what we hunger and thirst for are never around, we tend to go a little insane. we will tell random people what we’re craving at the moment. we’ll bite our fingernails just to chew something. we’ll start looking in the most unlikely places for something to snack on.

that is what Jesus is saying here: we have to long for righteousness in a way that makes us at least a little nuts. we have to pursue righteousness like our life depends on it (which it kinda does). only then will our real hunger be satiated; when we depend on righteousness daily for spiritual nourishment and satisfaction. what are you experiencing now that you don’t think you can live without?

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