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review: hello hurricane

November 25, 2009

after the three-year release hiatus, Switchfoot has come back with another set of rips, jams and riffs. this seventh album of the band’s acclaimed career has been described by frontman Jon Foreman as an essential deconstruction and reconstruction of the band to remember “who we’re playing for.” the music itself does not necessarily reflect this idea, but the songs’ lyrics seem to revert back to the band’s more Christian-undertoned values. Songs like “Yet,” “Enough to Let Me Go,” and “Red Eyes” sound more like personal pleas rather than the various politically and culturally based melodies of Oh! Gravity and Nothing is Sound. Although Switchfoot’s songs are never blatantly faith-based, one cannot help but recognize the connections to the band’s convictions and beliefs. this could perhaps be most evident in the band’s pre-release single, “Mess of Me.” the song reflects that we are all failures of our own making and that nothing in the world can do anything about it. we are broken and dangerous to ourselves and we need fixing by the One who initially made us all the way we were supposed to be.

another notable song is the album’s title track. “Hello Hurricane” is something of a battle cry aimed at sin and the world, defying it’s power to subdue and control us. Foreman makes a claim in the song that all he has gained is lost, and so there is nothing the world can take from him, and this is true for all of us. if we let go of all the things that are sadly temporary and hold onto the Eternal One, there isn’t anything Satan can do to silence our love. though the desires of the flesh and arrows of the evil one may come upon us with violence and fury, we are boarded up and safe in the refuge of God.

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