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Bait: Every Christian is a “Fisherperson”

December 1, 2009

Evangelism has become a very tricky discussion in the Church today.  It seems that at one point and time evangelism was an understood lifestyle of one’s new found identity in Christ.  Once a person received salvation by grace through faith, they would then by faith witness to what Christ had done.  It is by no means a coincidence that Christ used the illustration of fishing or that of fishermen (aka fisherpersons) with his firshermen disciples about life in the Kingdom.  The very identity of a disciple or a Christ-follower or a Christian or a believer was necessarily connected to fishing.

We are all fisherpersons.  Evangelism is not only the calling of the woman who flies medical aide to Uganda.  Evangelism is not simply left to the southern preacher who shakes stadium bleachers with his voice.  Evangelism is not monopolized by the professional who study way too many “ologies” and knows more hebrew jokes than Adam Sandler.  Evangelism is not the sole responsibility of the co-op kid who loves to bedazzle her jean jacket with band names like Plus One.  Evangelism is the call of each and every follower of King Jesus.

Therefore only one question remains…what is your bait?

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