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Surprise! Really?

December 8, 2009

Details about the private life of Tiger Woods continue to leak out.  Marital infidelity.  Lies.  Strange circumstances regarding his now famous car crash.  A few minutes ago, I saw a story about how his mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital (still not sure what that is all about) with an undisclosed condition.  At first, I was surprised.  I’ve never met him, therefore, I cannot speak about him personally.  But, as a golfer, I like Tiger Woods.  He’s a champion and he’s fun to watch on the final holes of a big golf tournament.

Like I said, at first I was surprised.  Then I realized I probably shouldn’t be.  Tiger Woods’ celebrity status, athletic prowess, or cool-under-pressure persona do not make him any different from anyone else.  He is a human, doomed to a life of sin and desperately in need of a Savior, just like every one of us.  I agree with C.J. Mahaney in an article he wrote called Hunting Tiger Woods.  As a Christian our response to this story should be different.  We should not be consumed by the seedy details or believe this man is any different from anyone else simply because he can hit a fade to within a few feet on the 18th hole.  Like any other news of this nature that we hear, we should go to prayer.  Pray for Tiger Woods to come to a saving knowledge of his need for the Savior, repent of his transgressions, and begin to follow Jesus as the Lord of his life.  We should also pray for his wife, his children, and those close to them.  This is no doubt an extremely difficult time for them as well.  And in all of it, as the news is shared and it comes up in conversation, humbly remark of the grace of God in our lives and God’s desire to bring peace, truth, and grace into this situation and the thousands of situations like it that individuals and families face every day.  Famous or not.

If you want a much better treatment of this issue, read C.J. Mahaney’s article on the Sovereign Grace Ministries blog.  Much of what I said was based on his thoughts.

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