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Bait 2: Time

December 14, 2009

Few commodities are richer in the twenty first century than time.  This reality has created many obstacles of which church leaders have grown far too familiar.  Just ask anyone, to do anything at church.  Sure as deoderant, they will impulsively respond with a question about time.  What day is that?  How long is it?  When does it start? We are so busy.  We have so little time.  And in our frustration of trying to overcome this unprecedented problem of time, we often fail to see an unprecedented gospel-opportunity.

Gifts are often judged by their value.  This is why Jesus is the most valuable gift, because reconnecting with God is the most valuable reality.  The gospel is a gift and every gift whispers the gospel.  Every time we act generously we mimic what Jesus did; we mimic the gospel.  The value of time has never been higher.  Therefore the gift of time has never had a greater opportunity for impact, because a valuable gift always communicates value.

Christians should always have time.  We should be the most generous people on the planet.  We should not fall into the hip habit of knee jerk responses of busyness.  Everyone is busy.  Consequently in this world of busyness, time has an opportunity to shock people.  It is in the humble response of availability that the gospel is lived out and opportunity purchased.  Humility is the birth place of salvation and time is a captivating piece of bait.  It is in giving the currency of time that we afford the opportunity to share the story of Jesus’ ultimate gift.

Keep your schedule flexible.  Prioritize that which is most valuable.  Remember that interruptions are the mission.  Know that what fills your calendar is what fills your heart.

Give people your time.

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