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B@E2d: the sixth one

December 25, 2009

how is one pure in heart? is it a lack of transfusions? clean blood? a healthy blood pressure? (i know, i’m hilarious). seriously, though, what does it mean to be pure in heart; at least in this context? we know our thoughts are not pure, so should our minds be synonymous with our hearts? interesting to think, right?

the reason for all of this is that i know i have been known to be very literal and quite antagonistic towards cliches and figures of speech, but there are certain concepts that cannot be conveyed in a literal, realistic sense. that is why so many things in the Bible are written in poetic prose and figurative language. these ideas of spiritual Truth and a Divine relationship are way beyond even the words i am typing now.

besides that, i believe Jesus’ use of the term “heart” is closer to motivation than mind in this B-tude (i can never bring myself to say the whole thing). Jesus is describing one whose only goal in all of his or her actions is to glorify and please God. that is all that is required of us and all that we should be aiming for. along the same line, you can say that any action seeking to do anything other than pleasing God is impure. no matter what you do, if your eyes are not fixed on God, your deeds will fail you. the realization of this may not be immediate, it may not come before you stand before God, but those fruitless deeds will remain so.

we all need to remember the ever-elusive, ever-true teaching in James that we need both faith and deeds. in both cases, one rests on the other and they only exist if they coexist.

the result of this purity in heart, as Jesus says, is that we will see God (i won’t get into it again, figurative language). but, just because this “sight” is figurative does not delineate it at all. when our hearts our pure, when our motives are God-centered, we experience God in the purest way possible on this Earth. the very fact of our being in line with God’s Will “blesses” our walk and our experience God in a way inexplicable.

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