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Health, Wealth, or Jesus?

January 7, 2010

It is no wonder that in the same land where we have determined it a good plan to dunk a candy bar in batter and deep fry it, that health care is a constant issue in Washington.  The affordability and quality of caring for Americans of all stripes is and must be of supreme importance in our country.  Therefore, no matter what the particular issues of the day might be, we always must be concerned with life.  But is “health care reform”, really an agenda rising out of a concern for life or something else entirely.

Whether his “fellow Americans” tuned in to his congressional address in September or simply caught his cliff notes on a weekly YouTube address, people have had ample time to watch President Obama attack the status quo of American health care.  With a vigor for children’s futures that would make Whitney Houston proud, President Obama has detailed a plan that would allow those with suitable coverage physically unfettered (albeit more strapped for cash) and those with poor or no coverage the opportunity to secure appropriate protection.  The propensity of symptomatic problem solving continues.

While President Obama speaks to America with his Twain-like diction and kennedyesque charisma, America sits.  America sits on their couches dreaming about a day when legislation will pass securing a healthy future for themselves, their spouses, and of course their children.  We sit as we always do waiting for legislation, technology, and medicine to grant us the continued comfort of existence and the longevity of slothfulness.  The anthem we sing my be The Star-Spangled Banner, but the anthem we live is “your way, right away.”  America is not concerned with issues of fair coverage and sustained life for the destitute.  Concern begins and ends with personal security and preference.  The coverage that is best is the one that is desired, the one that allows Americans to maintain a life style that is outside of their physical means.  What America really wants is a credit card health care.  It seems our national creativity hits a wall at a national demand.

Without question there are a great many Americans who find themselves on the downside of advantage and are unable–financially or otherwise–to secure appropriate health care.  Though this may be a real problem that must be solved in the halls of medicine, additional questions must be raised.  For instance, why does a fast food burger cost one dollar and a fast food salad cost seven?  This is a health care question.  Not only so, but if the same American who is clapping for Obama’s proposed reformation of care is at the same time eating a deep-fried Mars Bar, no amount of legislative reform can help him.  It may be easier to teach Paris Hilton a new trick than to approach the real problem of American health self-care, but that does not mean we should continue to place a band-aid over the symptom of health care issues.

Or maybe, just maybe we are not dealing with a problem of legislation and affordability.  Perhaps the problem lies in our hearts.  What if we are watching the gods of money and stomach at war?  Perhaps we need to bow the knee to Jesus, not just find alternative ways to fix it.

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