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inadequate worship

January 13, 2010

there are very few things (if any) in this world more futile than the words we try to use to describe the Greatness of God. we can use terms like “amazing,” “awesome,” and “wonderful” as much as we want, but no matter what, we will always come up short of His Glory.  the way that i see it, the only way we can hope to portray God is to say what He is not. He is not describable, not finite, not limited by anything. just keep on going down the list!

one person that i know gets this concept is David Crowder. if you listen to the “A Conversation” track on A Collision, he gives his idea of worship that i think is spot on. in explaining the significance of the atom symbol on the album cover, Crowder divulges that we aren’t really sure how atoms work, and that the widely-used diagram of electrons traveling in a fixed path around the nucleus is highly inaccurate. as he continues, though, Crowder goes on to say that the atom diagram is what we have to hold on to and carry the idea. atoms are the basic unit of matter, what everything is made of, but most people haven’t the slightest idea how they work or how they’re structured, yet almost everybody can recognize the symbol found on the cover shown here.

worship is what we have to carry the idea of God. we cannot begin to imagine His greatness and complexity, but we can lift our voices and lives as tools of praise to His Glory.

i need words as wide as sky
i need language large as this longing inside
and i need a voice bigger than mine
and i need a song to sing you that i’ve yet to find

I Need Words, Can You Hear Us?, David Crowder Band

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