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Bait 4: Coffee

January 25, 2010

We have given it more name than Apollo Creed gave himself.  We call it java,cup of joe, wake-up juice, God’s blessing, cup of jolt, brew, morning mud, lifeblood, Juan Valdez Best, mommy’s litter helper, drip, mojo, jitter juice, go juice, the bean, roast, and my personal favorite Pentecostal Whiskey.  I am pretty sure that coffee has magical powers…and we are all under its spell.

If you frequent any popular shop(pe) that sells this magic potion, you know what I mean.  Coffee changes people.  A tired business man comes awake after one sip of his favorite overprice brew.  A couple of long lost BFFs reconnect and well-up with emotion under the banner of the all powerful latte.  Generosity is ignited on the sidewalk as one more fortunate buys a cup for a man on the street.

We meet around coffee.  We celebrate around coffee.  We cry around coffee. We break-up around coffee.  We fall in love around coffee.  We work around coffee.  The bean has captured our hearts and changed our lives.

The coffee shop is the new church. As we hold tightly to our savior, which has brought us from death to life, we connect with our dearest friends, who give us encouragement, wisdom, and love.  Only occasionally taking breaks from fellowship to sing along with our favorite songs which steadily play in the background.

Coffee is a great piece of bait.  This new ecclesiastic expression reveals the depravity of its members and their desire to find peace.  As people remain true to the form Pascal originally diagnosed–attempting to fill the god-shaped hole with earthly things–followers of Christ have an opportunity to be used to redeem that which is misguided, incomplete, and addictive.  In order to do this we must go where people gather.  We must meet people right where they are; connecting with them and loving them as they are.  We must drink coffee.

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