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Miscellanies: Other Thoughts Worth Reading (1/31)

January 31, 2010

Man to Plead Guilty for Online Attack on Scientology

A Nebraska man has agreed to plead guilty in federal court in Los Angeles for his role in a denial-of-service attack against Church of Scientology websites, say prosecutors.

Univ. of Florida Awaits Tim Tebow Ad

The University of Florida campus is slowly catching wind of Tim Tebow’s decision to star in a Super Bowl ad slated to air on CBS on Feb. 7, and some say the ad’s message is bound to spark controversy. The ad spot was purchased by Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian organization that places emphasis on marriage and parenthood.

iPad: The Greatest Disappointment in Human History

We like Apple, but Tim Challies certainly does have a point: Yesterday I sat and watched liveblog coverage of the long-awaited announcement from Apple. To no one’s great surprise, they unveiled their newest device, the iPad. While everyone knew this tablet device was coming, everyone had wondered exactly what it would be. Apple has high standards when it comes to devices like this one and I, for one, was prepared to be amazed. Alas, I was disappointed. iDisappointed, even. I’m ready to declare that the iPad is the greatest disappointment in all of human history (at least since The Phantom Menace).

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