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February 2, 2010

the big buzz in the tech world of late has been Apple’s recent unveiling of their new “iPad.” Apple’s take on the tablet has been, to say the least, disappointing to writers and geeks alike, and has drawn ridicule from the majority of reviewers. as a devoted ‘Machead’, i have been a little disappointed myself (although i don’t think i’m as dismayed as most, it doesn’t even support Flash).

i have to say, though, that this disappointment was rather inevitable. for one, all these failed expectations were results of several ‘rumors’ from newspaper writers and bloggers and whatnot. zero disclosure is standard operation for Apple, and most of what we heard prior to iPad’s release was hearsay and speculation from writers. additionally, Apple has developed a reputation for completely reinventing and revamping products into cultural icons. if you can remember, Apple didn’t invent the mp3 player (remember that term?), but the iPod completely remade the idea and became practically the only product for portable music (i mean, who uses a ‘Zune?’). the iPhone had a similar effect.

a similar disappointment occurs when God does not live to our expectations. nothing is excessive with God, of course (as a similar case may be with Apple, who might be holding out in order to release a second model in about six months), but our requests rather incongruent with His Word and Will. while the saying goes, “ask, and you shall receive,” the question begs, what are we asking for? Jesus said that whatever we ask of the Father in His Name will be granted. you can say the same thing about people who have strayed from the Faith after Jesus ‘failing’ their expectations of a perfect life. when someone accepts Christ for the first time, it isn’t an answer to all questions or a solution to all problems (in fact, the Christian life is a gateway to a whole new world of questions and problems). God does promise us fulfillment and a joy-filled life, but the problem occurs when our definitions of fulfillment and joy differ from those of God’s. when we follow God with an expectation to answer to His will at any and all costs, that is when our questions are answered and we are bound for contentment.

p.s.- dear T-Challies, the new G.I. Joe movie was a much worse disappointment, and Phantom Menace rocked (minus Jar Jar Binks, of course)

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