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February 7, 2010

It’s mornings like these that most of America is in the moment.  On this special Sunday once a year shops close early, friends and enemies gather, and much food is eaten as if to never eat again.  We live in the moment and we love it.

Conversely many of the players on Super Sunday aren’t just in the moment.  They are often looking back.  Time and time again in hundreds of interview during the week leading up to kickoff, players and coach alike remember from whence they came.

They recall Pop Warner playoffs, high school discouragements, and college prospects.  From Peyton Manning to Jamar Nesbit, every player looks back to a high school kid learning to tie his cleats.  It’s this kid, they say, that is screaming with joy in side of them.  Big moments don’t just hold our attention in the present, they call our attention to the past.

If nothing else this Sunday lets take this queue from our nation’s biggest sporting event: remember.  In your current state remember from whence you came.  In your current joy, remember the despair of your past.  In your current peace, remember the chaos of your past.  In your current righteousness, remember the weight of your previous guilt.  In your present connection to God remember your previous separation.  In Christ, remember when you weren’t.  Remember that you have been redeemed.  Remember and be thankful.

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