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invisible miracles

March 12, 2010

i heard one time that one of the biggest dangers for Christians is ‘looking for miracles.’ i don’t think this particularly applies to myself, but it seems very plausible that we can get caught up looking for signs from God when they aren’t there. waiting for an obvious ‘command’ to act and viewing every form of happenstance as signs from God are both very dangerous practices we should not get caught up in.

at the same time, i do believe God’s miracles are all around us; just not in the way we look for them. while i don’t see eerie portraits of Jesus wherever i look, God has been showing me His miracles on a daily basis (as long as i am willing to see them). some of the most significant examples of these are the testimonies i have heard from people i know in church and FCA. i just love it when someone goes up and shares their story and i think to myself, i would have never known. it happened when a friend of mine, who is one of the most positive and energetic people i know, shared her heartbreaking family situation and struggles with depression. i witnessed it again when a leader in FCA shared his life story filled with violence and drugs. i see it in another friend’s life who has battled with alcoholism for the better part of her life, yet is stable, confident, and in control. God arrives in our lives at our weakest point.

this is nothing new, though. all the awesome stories of the Bible are of God working in the weakest parts of people’s lives. God created a people out of a 100-year-old man, made a kingdom out of a shepherd boy, and the most influential evangelist of all time originally persecuted God’s people.

God will show up in all our lives, we just need to let Him do so and be able to see His work. more times than not, God will work in a way that we will not expect because that is how He brings glory to Himself and how He opens our eyes to His Will, not our own.

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