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a case against grunge-ness

March 24, 2010

disclaimer: i wrote this post with the general presupposition that dark and chaotic images exude feelings of hopelessness and despair. although this may not be the perspective that all hold to, it is a widely held point of view, and therefore the idea that i will carry throughout. if you don’t like it, e-mail me.

being a very opinionated artist and human being, i tend to have many “pet peeves.” the one thing that i really can’t stand, though, is this modern movement of dark, graphic, and chaotic design incorporated into a lot of church websites, handouts, and the like. this actually goes beyond a simple pet peeve with me and i genuinely dislike (abhor, really) the case of grunge art that has infected the institutions which are to be the beacons of Truth and Hope in this world. As Francis Schaeffer says (i’m paraphrasing), humanity as two themes; one is minor, the other is major. the minor theme of humanity is that it is sinful and lost, subject to the distortion and deception of Satan. the major theme is the theme of Hope and Redemption available to all through the propitiatory death and life of Jesus Christ the Son of God. in these design elements of dark matter and disorder, i see only the former theme. i do believe that the minor theme of Humanity needs to be expressed, but without the major theme of Hope to accompany, the Truth is not told. i am also concerned that the reason for many of these grunge design elements is to be more easily accepted by nonbelievers. while this is done with good intentions, negativity does not portray the concept of Christianity correctly (plus, people are not reached by cool posters, but by the Spirit of God; that’s rookie stuff).

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