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April 16, 2010

if you’re a House fan, you’ll definitely remember it: fed up with delusions and hallucinations, Dr. Gregory House has clearly lost it. he’s hijacked a precision surgery robot and is about to go Edward Scissorhands on the unfortunate fellow on the slab who has suffered from some of the worst elements witnessed on the show. what neither House nor the viewer knows until this point in the episode is that, since the opening scene of House getting shot, the whole thing has been one long seriously demented dream. being the brilliant doctor that he is, Dr. House realizes some of the dream because he and his team have “identical knowledge” (if they know exactly the same things, they must be literally inside his head. genius, right?). even still, Greg has no idea what is real anymore, especially since he has not experienced reality. near the end of the episode, as the case is in every episode, Dr. House has his epiphany: none of this is real. consequently, the doctor has realized that the only way to wake from his nightmare is to take it to the extreme and essentially go nuts. House does so by grabbing the controls to the surgical robot and slicing a patient in half (fun, right?). upon doing so, House wakes up in the middle of being rushed to the emergency room and bleeding from his gunshot wound. the main point of the episode is realized when he urges Cuddy to put him in a ketamine-induced coma to heal his leg pain (which it does, but only for a few episodes).

the point of me explaining this story, however, goes beyond simple leg pain and waking dreams. the point is that we so often get caught up in our own delusions and have no choice but to go to the extremes to escape them. the very first delusion that any of us experiences is life without Salvation through Jesus. it doesn’t matter exactly what we believe before that realization, but no one is born with the knowledge of His Salvation. also, no one is simply in the old life, realizes the Truth, and simply says, “ok, i believe that,” and move on. the nature of Salvation requires a much more intense transition; more intense than what we can truly grasp. accepting the Salvation available through Jesus requires an epiphanic realization of Jesus’ Truth. essentially, we need to be devastated and our entire delusion needs to be torn down, because ‘Jesus and ____’ leads to no Jesus at all. our Salvation is reliant on Him alone and consequently, we need to be stripped of all that isn’t His. similarly, any delusion we still hold on to (because, as stupid humans, we always have to hold on to some matter of deception) has to be destroyed in the same way. God’s Truth is not realized by simple cognitive or academic understanding, but by intercession from His Spirit and the devastation of  whatever the deception is that we’re holding on to. we need an Epiphany. in every episode.

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  1. Cassie Tenny permalink
    April 17, 2010 11:32 am

    Jesus + Nothing!

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