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The Color of a Hero.

April 22, 2010

Today marks the 40th annual celebration of all things alive.  On April 22, 1970 nearly 20 million people gathered to celebrated the earth and its inhabitants.  It is a day to remember the trees, the squirrels that live in those trees, the soil in which those trees grow, and the green grass that grows all around, all around.  Today is Earth Day.

Actually now that I think about it, today is not a celebration of all living things.  True to Disney form, it is difficult for Americans to exalt anything or anyone without also demonizing another (sometimes we celebrate certain things only because we deem something else evil).  A few examples: we exalt Aladdin and we hate Jaffar, where tolerance is a hero and universal truth is the villain, Obama good, George W. Bush bad; we voted for Sanjaya Malakar because we didn’t like “the System”.  And on Earth Day, you are the villain.

While every other living organism takes the spotlight every April 22nd, every carbon printing Joe-six-pack becomes the demon.  America needs a villain.  Think about it.  The greener America gets, the less appreciated our existence becomes.  So today as the NBC logo, stuff koala bears, and Steakhouse menus turn green remember that it is all your fault.  Today we are up against the leaves, we are competing with the rain forrest, it is us versus the volcano and we lose ever time.

Funny.  I find myself pulling for the home town hero.  Go green!

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