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This World: Time

May 10, 2010

(This post: What is the relationship between people and time in this world?)

Time is money and yet its free.   It can stand still or go by at the blind of an eye.  Time keeps moving, but it never changes.  Times can be good or bad.  Timing can be good or bad.  We often lose track of time but we each have dozens of devises that keep track of time perfectly.  We seem to never have it, always want it, and when we do have it we’re losing it.  Time is a curious thing.

The world’s most intangible object, is the object that rules the world.

We are bound by time.  Time changes our mood, dictates our behavior, and one day our personal allotment will completely run out.  One day our tombstone will record the amount of time we had and only the dash, it has been said, will tell our story.  Therefore our richest asset is not found in our 401 Ks, our checking accounts, or in our garages, but on our wrists — time.

Last week no one posted on this website.  A month ago I ask a local pastor if we could meet, he asked we could revisit this opportunity in six month.  A couple days ago I scheduled a date with my wife.  Where is the time?  To be clear none of these examples is evil on its own merit, but each reveals the immeasurable value of time in our lives.

It used to be that when you asked someone how they were doing they simply said, fine.  Though there is much to be said about the absence of enthusiasm in such a response the greater tragedy is the trajectory on which this sent our culture.  From fine we began to commonly answer the same question with the word, tired.  From tired, we have landed on our favorite verbal reflex, busy.  We are a culture that used to be fine, then we got tired, and now were just busy.  All of this is an indication of how we have used and are using our time.

(Next Post: What does a christianly relationship with time look like in this world?)

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