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This World: Time (and Christians)

May 17, 2010

(Last post: What is the relationship between people and time in this world?)

(This Post: What does a christianly relationship with time look like in this world?)

First we were fine, then we were busy, and now we are just tired.  All of these issues were and are forced by time.  When we were fine, our time was lifeless.  When we were busy our time was taken.  And now that we are tired our time is lost.  We are apart of a world dictated by time.  Living in such a world, it would be easy to follow suite.  But thanks to the inspired words of the Apostle Paul and the less than holy melodies of Avalon, we know that christianly behavior should not blindly reflect common culture.  Followers of Christ are not to conform to the queues and behaviors of this world, but we are to be transformed by the Word of God (Romans 12:2).  Therefore, we must not be mastered by time, but we must master time.

Many things squeeze the time out of a day.  Like a gorilla with a banana, we don’t usually have any left over.  Unfortunately we easily believe that this is a problem (and believe more time is the solution). “I ran out of time,” we say.  However, the concept of time “running out” as a problem is misguided and worldly.  If we come to a day’s end and realize our tired souls have no time left for necessary tasks, we have found a symptom, not the problem.

A Christian never runs out of time.  I know this is a bold statement but stay with me.  If God is the source of our existence and purpose, then time and task are both gifts from him.  This means that he provides sufficient time for everything he desires for us to do.  Time running out is a symptom of poor stewardship not a nebulous lack of opportunity.

A christianly relationship with time speaks of time honestly, uses time wisely, and gives time generously.  Are you honest to God and others when you neglect responsibility or do you say that time ran out?  Do you treat time as a tool to glorify God by planning and spending it well?  Is time a gift that you often give to others?  Is time a gift that you often give to God? Do you give the right time to the right things?  Master your time for the glory of God.

(Next Post: How do people treat spaces in this world?)

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