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spin-off: hive mind

May 19, 2010
hive mind society is a concept which most consider to be science fiction. the term describes a group of beings inhabited by a collective consciousness that have lost their personal identities to take part in the whole. it is also commonly used as a term describing the behavior of many insects. bees, ants, and other creatures that often operate in a manner that suggests that the entire group has the same mind and same consciousness. despite the widely held belief that a true collective consciousness does not actually occur, this is true of those who have come to know Christ. we have taken off our individual old selves in exchange for a new Life in Him and, as a result,are one in Him. Christ’s consciousness invades all of us, reinventing us in His Image. all of Christ’s followers have different abilities, perspectives, and personalities, but we have the same Spirit, the same Call, and are of the same Body. we all have our own roles in the Kingdom, but we are all striving for the same goal of glorifying Jesus’ Name here on earth.
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