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hivemind.1 (the giant pizza)

May 27, 2010

in order to talk about unity in the church, let’s begin with one of the main reasons we aren’t so unified. i think one cause that is present across the board is difference in beliefs. most denominations were born out of some sort of disagreement which led to one party leaving and starting their own congregation, but the damage doesn’t stop there. i’ve seen normally close friends go at each other’s necks over some theological dispute. followers of Christ have just about gone to war with each other over a single passage of scripture. disparity and disagreements abound within the church. so, how can this be possible if we are all worshipping the same God? some have been rash enough to say that anyone who doesn’t believe in the same way they do aren’t true followers of God. i think there is a simpler and not-so-negative way to explain these differences in beliefs. this is where the giant pizza comes in. imagine, if you will, an infinitely enormous pizza with every possible (and even impossible) topping. this pizza is so huge that even if every human who ever existed ate their full every day, we wouldn’t even come close to eating the whole thing. now, this is a pretty big deal, so Time Magazine decides to do a special on the giant pizza. they interview hundreds to get their opinion on the pizza. everyone (probably) would have the same basic ideas of the pizza: it has a crust, it has sauce, it has cheese, it’s filling, it’s very delicious, etc. after this, though, the story starts to change. one consumer says that he tasted the pepperoni and italian sausage. another says that she tasted mushroom and cucumber. still another claims that it was a barbecue chicken pizza. they’re all right, just not completely right. but, because they believe that they are completely right, they go to war over the flavor of the pizza. although this sounds silly, it isn’t far from the truth. only, instead of a giant pizza, it’s the Infinite Insurmountable God (and I’m not sure if Time has ever done a story like that). the point is, when you have the perspective of a finite human who has only taken a bite of the infinite knowledge of God, that human can easily believe that he or she has the whole picture, but can’t be further from the truth. different beliefs doesn’t necessarily come down to the difference between a follower and a non-follower. rather, it can be the result of two different faithful believers trying to wrap their brains around the infinite circumference of the Creator.

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