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hivemind.2 (“them”)

June 25, 2010

one of the most ambiguous words in the English language is “them.” it can represent a small clique or half the world. it can mean stand for the Salvation Army or the Chinese Army. it can refer to an ethnic group, a race, or a country. the one constant with this term is that it always separates the stater from the stated.

if “i” is the central word to pride, then “them” must be the central word to judgement. with the separations we make between others and ourselves, we build ourselves up by pushing them down. it is “them” that does this, it is “them” that doesn’t do that, not “me.” this is seldom more evident than in our unequal treatment of sin. one of the fist things we learn in Sunday School is that all sins are of equal weight, but it is shocking how often we forget this doctrine. it may not be so obvious, but i see this unequal treatment each time someone goes on a “crusade” against one particular sin. i hear it every time a preacher states his “favorite” sin every time he lists examples of sin. there are ever so subtle ways Satan tries to uneven the plane of infractions.

in this way, Christ’s Church has unleveled itself with however subtle statements of judgement. it is incredibly easy to make ourselves feel better by claiming innocence to some sin, but also incredibly damaging. not only do we suffer for it, but also the Church suffers from our pride and false belief of innocence. our frivolous use of “them” destroys the very entity that Christ calls His “Bride.”  however right we may be, we are never fully right until we count ourselves as Paul did, the worst of sinners.

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