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“unqotables” (aka clichés are stupid)#4

July 27, 2010

nobody makes rules in order for people to break them. they are made to be followed. governments, sports leagues and schools make rules to keep order in their respective fields and provide guidelines and groundwork for people to operate in said fields because that makes sense. it doesn’t make sense to make boundaries for people to break.

believe it or not, God kind of operates on the same principle. the ten commandments and other statutes are guidelines which outline God’s Will for us. a lot of the time, we like to rely on God’s Infinite Grace and forget that His Rules are there for our benefit. God’s Love, Grace, and Forgiveness go far beyond whatever we can do or imagine, but as Paul said, we are not to keep sinning just so Grace may multiply. just because Grace covers all what we already have done, it doesn’t mean we keep doing it.

we like to remember that we are free in Christ, but it is important to remember exactly what we are free from. we often equate freedom with doing whatever we want, but this implies that we are free from God’s Will (why would we even want that?). in fact, we are free from the bondage of sin. more accurately, we are free from sin itself. not its symptoms, not its subsequent penalties, sin itself. we are free from sin; free to follow rules.

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  1. mom permalink
    August 13, 2010 3:34 pm

    this is a great reminder about what freeedom really is and means in our lives. I did throw that broken ruler away this morning as I cleaned your room, but now I know how it got there. You are free to break a ruler in our house, but you must use the broken thing for good, and you did.

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