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Questions from the Pulpit.

September 15, 2010

I think about what I wear on Sunday a lot.  Though I do spend way to much time picking out my outfit this post does not concern a preachers relationship with his wardrobe.  For such reflections you may need to google Driscoll and weathered jeans or T.D. Jakes and bling, bling.  In this particular installment of “Questions from the Pulpit” I would like to briefly look at the dating relationship between the congregation and a new preacher.

I have been preaching at our downtown location for about four months now, but because we planted this church we grew into our current relationship together — not that awkward.  However I have only been preaching at our Willow Glen location for about two months and they have been listening to preaching for a long time; some two times as long as I have been alive!  Therefore our preaching relationship can be a little awkward.  They are still puzzled by my humor, confused by certain sayings, and surprised by my enthusiasm.  It’s like we are on our third date.

Date three was a fun one.  Is she pretty? Yes.  Is she interesting? Check.  Potential? For sure.  Gonna get married? Let’s not get crazy.  Thus is maturation process of the preacher and his listeners.  As a young punk preacher I am arrogant enough to assume that in two months I can eclipse years of good biblical preaching — gaining praise, trust, and following along the way.  However, I am finding that there is a piece of our relationship — like every other — that simply takes time.  Patience in preaching is a must.  One message can change the world, but more often than not it take years of preaching.

We are still dating, as preacher and listeners. So sometimes I am standing on stage, wondering if my jacket makes me look fat.

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