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in the land of Oz

November 20, 2010

wrote this in my journal this morning:

a tornado ripped into my life and destroyed my house. i was taken away to a strange and wonderful world, where everything seemed much brighter and colorful. yet it was also terrible. a witch and her goons were out to get me. i wandered without direction. i was forced to travel in a forest full of lions, tigers and bears. i just wanted to go home. i travelled on a road paved with gold to a city green with envy. i was told to talk to a wizard who could grant me whatever i asked for. he asked for the impossible, and i gave it to him. as it turned out, he was just a humbug behind a curtain. i just wanted to go home. he told me i could find life, courage and wisdom in trinkets and trophies. he promised to take me home, but floated off without me. i just wanted to go home. then, the one decent person i had found in that world showed up and told me all i had to do was believe in my home and that was all i needed to return. i closed my eyes, tapped my heels together and imagined my home. i was back in an instant. that world was bright and beautiful, yet it only offered empty promises. all i found there was illusions of meaning and a mirage of purpose. my life here may seem drab and boring, but offers true meaning and a real purpose. it’s good to be home.

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