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unthinkable grace

December 15, 2010

i had an interesting crystallizing moment the other day. it started when i (rather foolishly) started thinking that i was not good enough for Grace. as i thought more, Satan reminded me of all the horrible things i’ve done and just how ridiculous it was that Christ would actually still accept me.

thanks be to God, though, that i quickly remembered Romans 11:6: “But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace.” how dumb it is to think that i am not good enough for Grace! it was for all those wretched acts of mine that Christ died; if i was “good enough,” i wouldn’t even need Grace.

as foolish and short-lived that little bout was, it was still rather thought-provoking. i actually was a little right; while i don’t need to be good enough for Grace, i don’t come the slightest bit close to being good enough for Christ to even give me the time of day. that’s just how truly amazing His Grace is. it’s beyond amazing, really, if you think about it. many people believe in it, so it certainly isn’t unbelievable, but i think it must be as close to unbelievable as can be while still being believable (perhaps ‘unthinkable’ is the word). we humans, marred by sin, in very nature wretched and rebellious, have been given the most valuable thing conceivable; access to the Creator of All Things, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. if you think that someone has wronged you, no matter what it was, it is no match for what any of us have done to God. not only so, but we are so small and insignificant compared to God, it would be preposterous just to think that He would give us a second thought. even as i type, my words are constrained by the flimsy and ridiculously feeble English language. not only is this grace unthinkable, it is ineffable (notice how i can only definitely say what it is not?).

i think John Newton was right on: amazing Grace! how sweet the sound! …i once was lost, but now i am found; was blind, but now i see! you could make a list longer than an orangutan’s arm with phrases like that; was broken, now mended; was cast out, now reconciled; was separated from God, now bonded, you get the drift. Grace does so much for us that we do not come even close to comprehending. we have an unthinkable God with unthinkable Love who has given unthinkable Grace.

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