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passion recap #3

February 11, 2011

let’s say a father wants his son to clean his room (the son’s room, that is). i know, i’m the only one actually saying it, but we’ll just run with this. anyway, the father tells his son, “son (okay, he might be a little detached), clean your room.” and the son walks off. about an hour later, the son walks out and the father says, “well?” and the son responds, “you said, ‘ son, clean your room.'” overjoyed, the father runs to his son, picks him up, and roars, “well done, son! you actually memorized what i said!”

this illustration from Chan the Man communicates the attitudes of many Christians nowadays. the clarion call of many teachers is to know what the Word says and not do what it says. many have the misguided notion that Bible study is an end in itself, but it is in fact just the beginning of a path that leads toward glorifying God. it doesn’t matter how many passages you memorize or how often you read your Bible if no fruit comes from it. the greatest evidence for that is in the fact that you can know more than anyone about the words of the Bible and still have no idea who God is. serving the Lord and having a relationship is about pursuing knowledge of Him with the intent of benefiting that service and growing in that relationship. so when we study and memorize, it can’t be just for the sake of knowing stuff, or as the case is with me sometimes, to show off our knowledge. i’ll tell you right now, it’s one of the worst things in the world to do the right “Godly” things in pursuit of your own glory. however, when we study and memorize in order to keep God’s word in our hearts and give Him the glory, He will bless that action like we wouldn’t believe.

i’ve just decided that this post will be a two-parter because i just thought of a related topic:

“unquotables” (aka clichés are stupid) #6

“fake it until you make it”

if you ask some people, they will tell you that the best way to become deep and passionate in the Word is to just read. even if you don’t feel it and your heart isn’t in it, just read, because if you just do that enough, eventually you’ll actually want to do it. that’s what i like to call grade A bolog-na. God doesn’t work with empty actions, He works with a willing heart. empty actions don’t turn into genuine passion, they either die away or just become more empty. either way, all you have in the end is wasted time in God’s word. i know because i’ve tried it. i’ve been that guy who just read his Bible for the heck of reading it and is just bred more phoniness.

don’t fake it, mainly because you won’t make it. pray.

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